Mark A. Weston - ACHM2 Developer     Mark A. Weston is the deeloper of the ACHM2 scalp micropigmentation procedure. Now a world-renowned respected expert in the  scalp micropigmentat6ion field, Weston commenced the pioneering work in this field in 2007 while owning and operating his third fine art tattoo studio, Artistry Concepts. Mark's first informal tattoo hair replication was performed 18 years ago.  Over the years, he had the opportunity to apply several hair replication tattoos, but in their infancy stages.  But since February 2009, Mark then solely concentrated on research and development of the technologically advanced ACHM2 scalp micropigmentation that was perfected in December 2009 and filed for patenting.   

     Researching and developing a specialized medical tattoo method, equipment, supplies and pigments to realistically replicate hair follicles, he developed the patent-pending Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method (ACHM2™).  He has already helped hundreds of men to alleviate the psychological pain of baldness. 

     Mark has been involved in art for 35 years and was receiving monetary compensation for his custom pinstriping work by the age of 13.  Later adding to his resume murals, airbrushing, sign painting & lettering, carved wood, glass and stone. Mark’s skills as an artist range greatly.  Providing custom artwork for Queen Elizabeth, cast members of M.A.S.H. and other celebrities, Mark’s skills became highly sought after.  Mark’s custom etched glasswork even appeared on the National Geographic Channel as it adorns the entryway to the Peterbilt Truck Factory in Denton, Texas. Linked In



     While in the Navy, Mark learned cosmetic and fine art tattooing in Hong Kong and Thailand.  For 31 years, Mark had perfected this art and he has owned and operated several fine art tattoo studios before founding Artistry Concepts, LLC in 2007.  His wide range of experience in the medical tattooing  field included areola repigmentation for breast cancer survivors, vitiglio repigmentation and scar camouflage. Later adding micropigmentation (permanent cosmetics) and now hair replication.  Mark was one of the first in the United States to tattoo the universal diabetic symbol on the wrist of a diabetic client.   

      He has worked with many people who have been traumatized by illnesses, accidents or flaws in their physical appearance.  Few others can follow in Mark’s footsteps to offer such an extensive  level of cross art expertise.  His exceptional skills and aesthetic sense are unmatched by any other provider in the world today.  Mark has been known throughout his career as a maverick in all his art fields. 
     Mark’s love of art and his overwhelming from-the-heart desire to help men regain their self-esteem and confidence has developed into a global business with the research, development and skillful application of the ACHM2™.      






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